Resolution of disputes simply and 
effectively at predictable cost

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Quotes Your expert knowledge, guidance and advice has aided recovery of funds in under 4 weeks without the start of legal proceedings. I am really delighted with the outcome. Your honesty, professionalism and hard work to manage things in a timely manner was really appreciated. I would recommend you to any recruitment provider who has legal issues with clients, or a commercial firm who is in dispute over monies owed. Quotes
Recruitment Agency client

Quotes Qasim was very helpful with the preparation and made himself available for questions before and after the mediation. The process was explained very thoroughly. The mediator was fair, thorough and impartial. We would use [Qasim] again should the need arise Quotes
Transport sector client

Quotes Qasim played a full role in during the mediation. There were many occasions during the day when we discussed how matters were progressing and how to take them forward. We had a debrief at the conclusion of the mediation from which it was obvious to me that Qasim had clear and, in my view, correct views about the steps that I had taken which had been productive and he had identified that on occasion I had got close to taking too overt a position during a joint meeting. He has a very good understanding of the mediation process and clear views of his own on how to maximise the benefits Quotes

Quotes Time spent in an orderly fashion without emotion on Qasim's part Quotes
retail sector client

Quotes Qasim conducted himself admirably and enabled myself to keep focus to the reason behind the mediation Quotes
Defendant Party Representative

Quotes Qasim offered impartial advice with regards to due diligence process in order to ensure it personally applied 100% application to a conclusion. Well Done Quotes
Furniture Industry Client