Resolution of disputes simply and 
effectively at predictable cost

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I have a dispute with an individual or an organisation and I would like to bring legal action against them. But I am concerned that: 

  • any legal action can take unnecessary length of time 
  • rack up unnecessary costs through the adversarial attitude of lawyers 
  • any legal action can unnecessarily sour relationships 
  • my legitimate rights will be compromised

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At 1stResolve we deal with the following areas of disputes

Disputes between consumers and traders:

Professional service provider and clients

Travel operators and their customers

Recruitment Companies and their clients

Disputes within/between commercial entities:

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Disputes over property

Employees and employer



Amount you are claiming
 Fees Per Party
  Length of session
 Extra Hours (per party)
 £5000 or less
 £50 + VAT
 1 hour
 £50 + VAT
 £100 + VAT
 Up to 2 hr
 £50 + VAT
 £5,000 to £15,000
 £300 + VAT
 Up to 3 hr
 £85 + VAT
£15,000 to £50,000
  £425 + VAT
  Up to 4 hr
  £95 + VAT
  Over £50,000
  £750 + VAT
  Full Day
  £95 + VAT